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shell user account features#

  • terminal connection over ssh and mosh
  • 200 process/threads at a time
  • soft 1024mb / hard 1536mb limit on storage
  • e-mail (250mb mailbox storage)

if you need more (mailbox-)storage space for your work then feel free to contact us.


create an account on any of these services as you like.

  • gitea - git with a cup of tea. - lightweight code hosting solution.
    members can be use your email credantials for login. ( | your email pw)
  • drone - drone is a container-native, continuous delivery platform.
    (includes a "drone-ssh-runner" and "drone-docker-runner".)

# general utilities#

# social / communications#

  • bbj - forum
  • email - webmail
  • mailing lists - list archives are available on the web here.

  • gopher proxy - defaults to our local gopher: gopher://
    (on port 70)
  • gemini proxy - defaults to our local gemini: gemini://
    (on port 1965)

  • getwtxt - microblogging for hackers - twtxt registry - see twtxt help page for more infos.
  • pleroma - microblogging - federated social network - what is pleroma?
  • mobilizon - manage your events - gather, organize and mobilize

  • matrix - secure, decentralised, real-time communication.

    • - help & documentation about matrix/element at
    • element-web - element-web client for matrix. audio- and video calls are also possible in this.
    • hydrogen-web - lightweight matrix client with legacy and mobile browser support.
    • cinny - cinny is a matrix client focusing primarily on simple, elegant and secure interface.
    • dimension - an open source integrations manager for matrix clients, like element.
  • irc - irc network for the tildeverse

  • thelounge - irc webclient - runs in private mode: it stays connected for you. run webirc to create a login.
  • znc - irc bouncer - log in with your username and email password and configure as needed.

# public dns-server#

port: 53

dns-over-tls (dot)#

port: 853
tls_pubkey_pinset: TknTKtNi/lhE270MszuUQlgqk1HnGcUXFAgXSXURD7k= (digest: sha256)

example unbound config (/etc/unbound/unbound.conf)#
include-toplevel: "/etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/*.conf"

  verbosity: 2
  tls-cert-bundle: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
  access-control: allow

   name: "."
   forward-tls-upstream: yes