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system info#

envs is hosted in germany.

builder & maintainer is creme.

status page:

you can find more info on installed packages on the sysinfo page
as well as summarized in our sysinfo.json.

# sshfp#

Algorithm Fingerprint
RSA SHA256:7dB470mfzlyhhtqmjnXciIxp+jWLACiYKC3EE/Z0lFg
ED25519 SHA256:V+mXTsRJ+jfJMxxPlD/28dpWouuns3Wuqwppv6ykVC8

# dns-server# has her own dns master & slave server and use an additional slave from tildeverse.

Name Address Location Type Düsseldorf master Falkenstein slave 2a01:4f8:242:430b:0:a:0:3 Falkenstein slave Falkenstein slave 2a01:4f8:252:3e22::48 Falkenstein slave